My name is Michael McLaughlin.  I am an Abstract Artist residing in Long Beach, NY.
A majority of my work is done in acrylics and a various mix of mediums.
 My work reflects my love of nature, with a strong influence on the South West and Marine Wild Life.
My work is meant to provoke thought and awareness of our enviornment, as Chief Seattle said,
 " We are born of the earth and so too, shall we return".
The circles are spirit lines that symbolize blessings and prayers.  The animals are our spirit family, who when recognized,
will help us communicate with our Mother Earth.

In these works, I try to show the inner beauty of  our planet.  I also try to send a message that
what befalls Mother Earth, also befalls humanity.  In return for these treasures, we owe the same respect
and protection that she has given us.
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